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Frequently Asked Questions

    • Does my Automobile Insurance Policy cover me if I rent a car?

If you rent a car within the United States then your Automobile Insurance policy should extend to the rental car. The coverage provided is generally the same as the Broadest coverage for any covered vehicle on your policy.

There are requirements that you must follow in order for this entension of insurance to be in force (including but not limited to):

– The vehicle must be rented in your name
– The vehicle must only be driving in the United States (there is no coverage if you drive in Mexico)
– The vehicles must only be driven by you or any other covered driver on your policy
– The same liability limits and deductibles for your personal cars will apply to the rental car

    • Are my golf clubs covered by my insurance if stolen from my car or hotel?

Your Homeowners (or Condo or Renters) Insurance will cover your Golf clubs ( and most other Personal Property) while away from your residence if stolen. You will need to file a Police report for the theft and provide receipts or other evidence in order to determine the value.

    • If my friend drives my car am I covered?

Yes, most Automobile Insurance policies will provide insurance coverage if your covered vehicle is driven by a “permissive use” driver. Some policies may reduce the amount of liability to the minimum for the State of California, but most of our Insurance Company partners will cover you up to your policy maximum coverage. Your insurance will also cover any injuries that your “permissive use” driver and all passengers suffer.

    • Will my insurance cover for damages caused by rain leaking through my old roof?

All insurance policies will pay for damages caused by most “sudden and accidental” causes.

So if you have not repaired nor replaced your roof, the water damage may not be covered. If strong winds damage your roof and then the rain water leaks into the house then your insurance will cover the damages. This is also true for water damage from plumbing pipes. If the pipe is broken due to a “sudden and accidental” cause, then the resulting water damage will be covered. But, if the pipes leak due to being too old and not maintained, then any resulting water damage will not be covered. If the leak is a slow leak over a long period of time then the resulting water damage (including mold damage) will not be covered.

Any repairs that are of a maintenance nature (including the repairs to broken or leaking pipes) are not covered by insurance.

    • Does my Health Insurance cover me for illnesses or injuries will visiting a foreign country?

Most Health Insurance plans will not cover you for any medical treatment obtained outside of the United States. Some plans may provide limited coverage for life threatening emergencies but the coverage will be limited. If you are planning on traveling to another country please consider purchasing Travel Accident Insurance.

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