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Homeowners Insurance

For most people their Home is their most important (and valuable) asset.
A homeowner’s policy will not only protect your Home against such hazards as Fire and Lightning, but also water damage from sudden and accidental bursting of pipes. There is also coverage for your Personal Property, such as your TV, furniture, clothing and other usual household contents. The Loss of Use coverage will help pay for the cost to temporarily live elsewhere while your home is being repaired due to a covered loss. The second part of your Homeowners Insurance is the Personal Liability coverage, which will protect you against claims due to a trip and fall on your property or activities that could result in damages or injuries to others (such as golfing or other physical activities).

If your residence is an owned Condo or a rental unit, you still need the protection that the Condominium or Renters Package can provide. These policies will cover you for loss to your Personal Property or for personal liability as noted above.

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